Private Security Services

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Patrol Services

Private Security offers a variety of patrol services tailored to your needs. We can design a patrol with the requirements necessary to provide the safety and security you seek.

Our Patrol Services are ideally suited for the following types of facilities:

  •  Shopping Centers
  •  Homeowners Associations
  •  Industrial Facilities
  •  Apartment Complexes
  •  Construction Sites
  •  Mobile Home Parks
  •  Retail Establishments
  •  Individual Residences
  •  Business Parks
  •  Warehouses
  •  Professional Buildings
  •  Churches


Private Security Patrol Services are designed to deter, detect, observe and report any criminal activity, while ensuring that a security officer will randomly check your property within the time frame and with the frequency of your choice.


Other Services

  • Alarm Response
  • Private Party Guards
  • Temp Security Officers
  • Personal Protection
  • Homeowner Association Security Policy & Procedure Development
  • Fumigation Watch
  • Fire Watch


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