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We offer professionally trained security guard services for different purposes. Whether you have an event to secure, or a construction site to look out for, let our security guard service give you the safety measures you need. Involved both in armed and unarmed security service, let our trained staff handle your security service concerns in Riverside, Orange County, and Los Angeles!

Private Security Patrol Services in Compton CA are designed to deter, detect, observe and report any criminal activity, while ensuring that a security officer will randomly check your property within the time frame and with the frequency of your choice.

Whether you are looking for people to make use of surveillance cameras and record everything that is happening in your premises, or you want our physical presence to roam within your property, you have come to the right place. With an edge in technology and a professional and hardworking security staff, let us protect your property and give you the peace of mind!

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With the use of technology, let us help you increase your security measures. In addition, if you think that armed and unarmed security services need to stretch out your budget out of proportion, let Private Security secure almost any of your resources and assets! We are known in parts of Southern California as one of the most affordable companies for anything that involves security services and security guards.

Private Security offers a variety of Security guard services tailored to your needs. We can design a patrol with the requirements necessary to provide the safety and security you seek.

Our Security guard services in Compton CA are ideally suited for the following types of facilities:

Examples of where Private Security officers are used:

  • Employee Terminations
  • Evictions
  • Shopping Centers
  • Gated Community Access Control
  • Retail Establishments
  • Personal Protection
  • Concierge in Professional Buildings
  • Private Parties (commercial & residential)
  • Fire Watch
  • Construction Sites
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Apartment Houses
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Pool Monitors
  • Churches

Security Guard Services

Private Security Services, Special Security Services

Private Security specializes in “short notice” assignments where security officers are temporarily needed.

All Private Security officers are licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, passed a criminal FBI background check, meet the training and certification requirements for the equipment they carry and receive ongoing training while employed.

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Private Security employs:

  1. Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
  2. Off-duty and Retired Law Enforcement Officers
  3. Temporary Fire Watch Officers

Private Security, your One Stop Security Security guard services in Compton CA Solution Provider, has the knowledge and experience on how to make homes and businesses more secure. Private Security’s FREE Security Analysis is very timely and relevant in view of the increasing break-ins in many Southern California communities.

Now you can have a Private Security Security Specialist conduct a thorough Security Analysis of your home or business, with no cost or obligation. Why does Private Security provide this valuable FREE service, even if you already have an alarm system?

There are four reasons:

  1. Because Private Security management knows from years of experience in securing homes and businesses, responding to countless burglar alarm calls and identifying the vulnerabilities which created opportunities for break-ins, home invasions, and armed robberies, that most existing security is lacking.
  2. By providing a FREE Security Analysis, Private Security has the opportunity to demonstrate the company’s expertise and extensive security capabilities in making homes and businesses more secure.
  3. By identifying security vulnerabilities you are not aware of and providing you with the knowledge required to understand the security process, you may consider Private Security for your current or future security needs.
  4. By helping homeowners and business owners in your area become more secure, Private Security provides a valuable public service to the community. And more secure communities are what we all want.

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No matter your market, you desire expert security services that fulfill the distinct requirements of your business and its culture. At Private Security Services, we provide value by understanding your needs and providing responsive gatekeeper services at the local level with the benefit of our national assistance network. For more than 40 years, Personal Security has actually been the acknowledged agreement security services and security personnel leader, pioneering many of the security standards used to keep houses, businesses and communities safe. No matter where we serve you, we make every effort to be the most responsive security services company in the industry. Our security firm sees its primary responsibility as the prevention and deterrence of criminal offense and to safeguard building, assets and individuals . We offer a variety of security services customized to fit personalized needs. Our guard, armed or unarmed , provide not just a strong deterrence to criminally minded mischief makers, but can also guarantee an ease of mind for personal events.

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