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So why do people, businesses and communities rely on Private Security?

We are a privately owned security company

While this may seem like a small detail to some, we believe it is one of our strongest qualities, we do not have to please a board of directors, or the investors and stock analysis. Private Security is a privately owned and operated company which allows us to satisfy our customer needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… Emergency service is our specialty and we look forward to providing you with quality service and reliability.


We are California Based, and California focused Private Security Company

We have been in business since 1997. We have been through the communities of Southern California, and know the area well. Other companies may spread themselves too far out, trying to gain points all over the nation, but we focus our attention to providing top quality security services so you can have a piece of mind knowing we can help!


Well established Southern California Security Company

We have been a security company since 1997. In that time our Private Security management team has accumulated decades of Security, law enforcement, military and most of the employees have been with the company for years. We firmly believe in taking care of our employees, and building long term relationships with our customers. Private Security undertakes every measure to ensure that all security officers/security guards and staff are trained, qualified, and trustworthy. We utilize screening, training, and supervision standards that are some of the strictest in the California.

 We listen to the needs of our Clients

One of the best advantages of being a privately owned and locally based and well staffed is the ability to offer emergency services. We would love to sit down and understand what your security needs are. Our team can analyze various vulnerabilities and threats and provide a solution with budget objectives in mind. We can also respond immediately to any such problems and or changes in your needs.


We Continually Strive to Improve our  Security Services

Unlike most other security companies who send over their employees to the job site and hope all goes well. Private Security manages a high level of  accountability through through supervisors and managers. The way we set ourselves apart is through the highly trained staff, evaluating performance, and ensuring compliance to procedures. We can also provide coaching and additional training for specific situations. Rest assured that we ca Licensed, Bonded and Insured not only for our customers, but for quality assurance!


We Strive to Hire only the Best Security Guards

Private Security goes through a pre-employment screening including a comprehensive interview process, a complete background check, drug testing and a criminal history fingerprint check through the Department of Safety and the FBI. We provide field training and effective classroom programs for our security officers. We incorporate proper procedures, California State Law, using good judgement, communication and additional skill sets.


You will Never Over Pay with Our Security Company

Instead of using standard rate sheets, Private Security plans for the individual needs of client. Private Security offers a variety of patrol services tailored to your needs. We can design a patrol with the requirements necessary to provide the safety and security you seek. Private Security Patrol Services are designed to deter, detect, observe and report any criminal activity, while ensuring that a security officer will randomly check your property within the time frame and with the frequency of your choice.


People rely on us as a security guard company and private security companies. Call for a Free Analysis!


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